Zoning Ordinances

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Table Of Contents
Ordinance Number 
2Dismantled Car 39Amendment to #38
3Outdoor Advertising Sign 40Amendment to #39
4Outdoor Assembly 41Medical Marihuana – see ordinance #52
12Fiscal Year 42Civil Infraction
13Economic Development Corporation 43Blight Revised (see ordinance 50 & 54)
15Fire Charges (Repealed by ordinance # 45) 44Dangerous Structure
16Amending Articles of Incorporation 45Fire Protection
20Amending Dismantled Car 46Flood Plain Management
25Sewer (Ordinance no longer applies) 47Sewer Fee Collections (Ordinance no longer applies)
26Unnecessary Noises 48Fireworks
30Enforcement Officer 49Fire Cost Recovery Ordinance
31Fire Charges (Repealed by Ordinance #45) 50Public Nuisance – see ordinance #54
32Blight (see ordinance 50 & 54) 51Civil Infraction
33Land Division 52Marihuana
34Truck 53Thumb Electric Cooperative Franchise
35Cemetery (Revised 12/12/2014) 54Amending Ordinance No. 50 Public Nuisance
36Pension Plan 55Consumer's Energy Gas Franchise
37Sewer (Ordinance no longer applies) 56Recreational Marihuana
38Planning Commission